• Instead of cutting raw-material in a specific length, the BarMill handles uncut bars with lengths up to 240”
  • The BarMill automatically pulls the raw material in to the right position for machining
  • Instead of multiple setups used in standard machines the BarMill machines the part in one setup
  • Machine automatically delivers finished parts into a part catcher


General Information

Name: HHV BarMill
Design year: 2014
Axis: 4‐Axis machining
Feeds and Speeds: 2.400 inches/min
Acceleration: 1G
Rotational speed of chucks: 60 Rpm
Spindle: Fischer
Rpm: 30 000
Kw: 22 or 45
Tool taper: HSK 63A
Max tool diameter: 2,5 inches
Max Bar stock length: 120‐240" depending on weight held by three chucks
Max cross section (Y‐Z) for sliding
raw material thru chuck: 7 x 7 inches, can be all shapes within this size
Max crossection(Y‐Z) for machining
part by part between chucks: 10 x10 inches
Working envelope between chucks: 35 inches
Cycle times: Significantly faster than commodity machines
Materials: Lithium Aluminium, Aluminium, (steel and titanium possible)
Advantages: ‐Horizontal spindle for good chip removal
‐Cycle times many times 50‐60 % faster
‐Raw material savings generally 30%
‐Finished part in one setup
‐Multiple parts may be programed from an individual bar
‐3 minute change jaws for different barstock sizes
Minimum material to clamp on to: 1 inch
Finished part: One by one or in a long chain with tabs