Extrusion Mill

  • Raw material extrusions are loaded from the right side in to the machine
  • The left rotary table reaches and holds the profile and pulls it thru the middle chuck
  • The right rotary table holds the material and pulls it out
  • Machining is made by moving XYZ (spindle) unit between the rotary chucks or standing still with the spindle and pushing the material back and forth with the right rotary chuck


General Information

Name: HHV Extrusion Mill
Design year: 2010
Axis: 4‐Axis machining
Feeds and Speeds: 2.400 inches/min
Acceleration: 1G
Spindle: Fischer
Rpm: 30 000
Kw: 22 or 45
Tool taper: HSK 63A
Max tool diameter: 2,5 inches
Max raw material length: Unlimited
Max crossection 10 x 6 inches
Working envelope between chucks: 35 inches
Cycle times: Significantly faster than commodity machines
Materials: Lithium Aluminium, Aluminium, (steel and titanium possible)
* Horizontal spindle for good chip removal
* Extremely low unproductive axis movements
* Finished part in one setup
* Different part programs on the same extrusion
* 3 minute changeover time for jaws
Finished parts: One by one or in a long chain with tabs